Saturday, 10 December 2011

Me, myself & mince pies (& chestnuts!)

(I realise there isn't a single mince pie or chestnut in the picture, but it's from one of my favourite anime, Aria the Origination (well, possibly. Each series is called something different, and I can't remember where this scene appeared) I think they do have hot chestnuts at some point - I love it when the girls share hot drinks by the fire with their mentors)

I'm not even sure where the phrase 'Me, Myself and I' comes from, a phrase which I based my title on. I think it could be a film or a book (if anyone knows, I'd like to find out about it). Either way, it fitted today's post. 

At this time of year, there are chestnuts and mince pies in abundance. In the case of mince pies, there are countless variations. Here's the odd thing: I used to like them both, and now I don't. 

I haven't liked mince pies for a few years now. I don't know if I ever actually liked them, or whether I just ate them because they were sweet and it's what everyone else did. I suspect the latter could be true, especially because when I was younger I always wanted to fit in. Now I don't mind when people are surprised that I turn them down. 

I adored chestnuts. I never had them that much, just in vegetarian nut loaves and similar food. I love water chestnuts in Chinese food. I was really excited today because my family cooked them. I popped a piece in my mouth...and instead of 'yummy!' I thought 'eugh'. After explaining to family that I don't think I like them any more, I tried a second piece, just in case the first was a dud (which it shouldn't have been, as the bad ones had been weeded out earlier). Again I thought 'eugh'. Conclusion: I like chestnuts in food, not necessarily on their own without any seasoning. 

I hasten to add I do like brussel sprouts, I adore Christmas pudding but I don't like Christmas cake all that much. My family have to make bread sauce every year - although I don't like too much nutmeg in it. (Me, fussy? A little!) 

I like this time of year because people tend to make more of an effort. It's a feeling I get during Ramadan when meeting other Muslims. I usually stay clear of religion because it is a topic of debate (no debating here please), but there are similarities between all the Abrahamic religions which are a real delight to witness. I notice it more because my family is Christian. The house gets filled with mince pies, but I reach for the yummier chocolate! 

Whatever your faith, I really hope you are able to find the spirit surrounding your own festivities, be they this winter, next spring, summer or autumn. Festive times can be a source of extra stress, but they are also a good time for reflection. Even if you take just 20 seconds to say to yourself 'I'm here right now, and although life goes haywire at times, overall it's pretty good'. Ok that's probably less than 20 seconds, but my point is the time you allot to reflection doesn't matter, it's the actual reflection which counts. 

Have a great evening! 


Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

You know...I've never had a mince pie! And I love this time of year long as the focus stays on what's important, family and friends, not commercialism...

Nayuleska said...

This mind sound daft, but do you have mince pies in the USA? Or is it an English thing? I'm all for avoiding commercialism...sometimes :)