Thursday, 22 December 2011

Holiday time!

(random picture from Winx Club (season 4, love and pet)) 

Whoohoo! No more work for almost three weeks. Thanks to a hospital appoitment, I'm only working Tuesday 3rd January, then I'm not back until Monday 9th. 

You can be sure I'm taking advantage of all this time. My days will hopefully go something like this (so long as I am well. If not, well operation dvd gets put into motion. And only reading if I'm up for it). 

Mornings: (variable starting times) = editing and writing. Goal of the holiday is to complete edits on Diplomatic Disaster.

After lunch: watch one episode of Winx. Depending how I'm feeling, either read, or watch more dvds. 

Evenings: depending how I feel, either read or watch dvds. 

Also include eating a lot of chocolate, (It has to be done by someone), having fun, and enjoying lazy days. How are you spending your holiday? 


Anonymous said...

Love the blog, may I be personal and ask what age you are. Sometimes your writing is childlike in it's joy, and other times shows a wisdom that comes with age.

Nayuleska said...

You may - I'm not giving my exact age but I am in my 20's. Glad you like the blog, it's fun to hear what readers think.

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

3 weeks off sounds like fun! I hope the appointment isn't anything scary.