Sunday, 18 December 2011

Enthused Muse, anyone?

Most people don't woke at 3 am. I'm pretty sure a lot of writers could wake up at 3am, scribble down ideas, then go back to sleep. Sadly once I'm awake, I'm really awake. After a little TV catch up, I braved the cold (which sparked interesting conversations on Twitter), and headed downstairs for some writing.

Muse was playing ball, and I started a fun children's series, which has been influenced by the manga I read and the anime I watch. Muse is taking it to a pretty cool direction, which is truly a pleasure to write. It's quite different from my usual style too - I'm eagerly awaiting feedback from a friend to see whether I have finally lost the plot, or whether it actually makes sense and could be cool.

After that, I caught up with a very good friend over luxury hot chocolate (no marshmallows as I don't eat them). It was pretty cool to catch up with her, we're going to meet every month now she lives so close to me (instead of hours and hours away).

Oh no - I was about to write 'after that' but I realised that's what my previous paragraph started with. That's why I don't write after 6pm. *stifles a yawn*

Anyway - once I got home and unpacked the groceries I picked up (yum yum!) I settled down for an afternoon of Bones and cross stitch. I feel like I've seen season 4 before, only I can't have been paying much attention because I don't recall most of it. It's very funny though, and I'm so looking forward to seeing Hodgins and Angela's baby in whatever season it is. Babies are cute!

After emails and blogging, I'm reading tonight. Not sure how long I'll last before I need to watch anime, but I'm trying to hold out because the book I'm reading is great, and it's a series so I still have at least 3 more left to read.

I hope you've all managed to relax this weekend at some point, have fun and laugh with those you love. And drunk hot chocolate, which is the best drink ever!

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Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Angela and Hodgins baby is REALLY cute! It's in the current season :D I love Bones! Sounds like a lot of excitement - I look forward to hearing more about your new story!