Sunday, 27 November 2011

A proper winter's day

(I haven't watched this episode yet (might watch an episode tonight), but this is the Strawberry Marshmallow anime girls in their winter gear) 

Bypassing the fact that I'm cold all year round, today felt like a cozy winter's day. I was up rather early today, 3.30am to be precise. I was wide awake, so I spent the early hours reading, which was fun. I got up and did a little editing, then I stopped. I haven't been well the past few days. In the past I used to try and carry on without resting some more, but when I don't feel great I take a metaphorical dive into my comfy chair, put DVDs on and possibly do some knitting/crochet depending how I feel. I didn't even complain about it in my head this weekend. I decided to make the most of it, and just enjoy it. 

Now, having not edited yesterday, you'd think I might be tempted to edit all day today. I was a little. But Muse understood that I needed to be careful how much I did. I managed to do a little tidying in my bedroom (it's a work in progress, ok? We can leave it at that). I managed to tackle two small areas, which I'm pleased with. It took quite a bit of time (nearly an hour) to do what a 'normal' person would get done in 10-15 mins, but it's ok because I managed to do something, by sacrificing a bit of editing time. 

After that I knew I wasn't going to edit because even with little rests I was tired from my tidying up. So this afternoon I read. All. Afternoon! It was awesome. I finished up a paranormal book, followed up with two fun children's books which tackled life's issues with a fair smattering of humour. I drank peppermint tea, milk, ate hershey's kisses and some yummy green soup. I posted up a review (yay!), sorted emails, and wrote blog posts (this is the last one). Tonight I'm planning on a mini Winx fest - unsurprisingly I'm feeling a bit tired and need something light hearted to end the day on. I will crochet some more of my blanket - I'll try to take a photo of it this week (& my other craft projects). Hope you all were able to do something you enjoyed this weekend! Here's to a great week :) 

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