Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I came, I saw, I entered normal life

Not that there's anything about normality, but tonight feels a bit normal. Not only have I read within the past 24 hours (after a week's dry spell, it was wonderful), I've edited. I've even put a review up! I realise most people will have seen the reviews last week, but they were all pre-scheduled. Perhaps my body knew it was getting sick when I read all those books the other week....

I've had my last Japanese lesson of 2011. I can't have any more until 2012 because I barely make it home before dusk. I can't drive in the dark, so there's usually a month and a bit of no lessons. That doesn't mean no Japanese, because I have my books and anime to keep me going. I've just completed reading page 13 of Harry Potter 1. My teacher is moving house hopefully in January. It isn't too far from her current place, but it's far enough I would need to leave longer to get home, so I might have to postpone the lesson even longer. We're both going to email after the New Year to see how things are going.

It'll be weird not doing anything on a Tuesday. I think so I don't get out of habit, I will continue to work through my translation, that way I can try and avoid last minute panic of not having translation. (I'm currently a page ahead).

What else? Tomorrow is the first quiet Tuesday for the first time in a while. No doctor's appointment, no post office trip, no massage (which is next week). Just craft club at 10. It means I can really lounge about in the morning. Do you want to know the really cool thing? I'm reading! I'm going to read a bit tonight, and most of tomorrow afternoon. I know I used to watch dvds all afternoon, but lately I can't read all the time, especially in the evenings, because I'm too tired. If I feel snoozy tomorrow, I will relax with dvds. But, while I can, I'll read :)

Oh, today I remembered to pick up Winx season 1 from my desk at work, so I can start watching it again! I've lent out season 2, so I'll go 1,3,4 on repeat until at least next year. I don't mind, because I get to know the seasons well. I'd seen season 2 the most for some reason, as well as season 1 while I was waiting for the other seasons to arrive. Viva Winx! Season one focuses more on the girls' life at university, midnight wanderings, getting into trouble with the headmistress. There's no Layla, no pixies, no magical pets - but there's heaps of love, friendship and laughter. Which, when you think about it, are all the world needs to keep working.

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