Monday, 12 September 2011

Advice for the week: check emails before heading to a meeting.

(pic found on google, sadly I didn't have the yummy biscuit. Nor was it in a glass)

Today was one of the 4.30am wake up days. I naturally wake at this time sometimes, due to my short sleep span. I usually have coffee around 11am at work, sometimes sooner. Today I held off all day as I was meeting a friend at 2.30pm for a catch up. I was really feeling it by 1pm. I'm not addicted to coffee, and don't even have one every day. But when I'm up that early, I need one to help get home. 

I had a lovely iced vanilla latte, read a little of a pdf. Waited. Had to laugh because I'd managed to follow two work colleagues there who were having a business meeting. No sign of my friend so I texted. 20 mins later still no sign, so tried phoning but had the wrong number (which might explain why I haven't had replies to her texts...). Thanks to my little android phone I was able to check my emails, to see if something had come up. 

Now, since I've been ill I've only checked my emails once a day. I checked yesterday morning, and was checking tonight. I should have checked last night as my friend emailed to say she had an interview so needed to reschedule. 

I laughed. I've learnt the lesson to check emails before waiting for people. I'm looking forward to trying out the coconut hot chocolate on our next meet up. 

Tonight I'm a little wired as I had my coffee later, so probably going to make a few notes on what I need to do next in my editing stage. Feeling bit too tired to write anything that makes sense on a wip. I do need to try and complete a page of Harry Potter (Japanese) for my lesson tomorrow. Not sure how far I can get in 30mins, I'm hoping not too far as I haven't been able to get through as much because I was ill. 

Hope you all have a good evening, and remember to check your emails before any meetings! 

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