Sunday, 27 February 2011

Motivation is the key for everything.

When we set our minds to do something, we can actually do anything. It make take a long time, it may be full of boulders to climb over or chisel through, but eventually we reach our destination, which can change during the journey.

Today I was up at the crack of dawn. Well, technically that's incorrect. I was up well before dawn. 3.15 am to be precise (possibly was up at 3.12am, but only looked at my phone at 3.15am). I was wide awake, and knew it was pointless attempting to sleep until a more sensible time. I had a nice lot of thinking time, and then I read. I read several picture books, and got half way through My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent. It's awesome! Definitely a good second book.

Anyway, my plan was to write a review, note down mini reviews for next week's meme (I'm doing this early), then read the rest of the day.

I've done some of it. I've left a few books upstairs, so I'm going to grab them in a minute so I can write the reviews. Then I'm going to edit! I was chatting with a friend who's in Australia, who is on anti-puppy squishing duty for the next week and a bit, which means she gets a few hours sleep, then has to wake up and watch the puppies. We were chatting about lots of stuff, like we do. Naturally we chatted about writing. That got me all enthused and instead of waiting until this afternoon, which is the time my Muse is quite happy writing, I'm going to edit/write now! I've got 2 and a half hours before my friend is due to come back, so hopefully I'll be able to get a little something done.

Motivation really is the key for everything. We all have something which drives us on. Be it friends, family, or the hope that a dream will become actualised, we can all get motivation. Sometimes its really hard to find. Sometimes motivation goes into hiding for days/weeks/months on end. I think we all need to have at least one person who can remind us of that motivation, spur us into action and get us chasing those dreams with a flaming wooden spoon in one hand (this is sort of an in house joke with a few of my friends, it is my 'weapon' that I use to poke them in writing) , and a plate full of cake and chocolate in the other.

If you can, thank whoever gives you motivation, even if they don't know they do it. You never know, someone might come and thank you one day :)

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