Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Chapter 13 is complete!

I've had an awesome writing session today. I think it was either Sunday or yesterday, when I said I wouldn't write, that I actually managed around 600 words :) I had to stop because I didn't feel amazing.

Today, after relaxing with some cross stitch (my sister's picture is finished, I'm now sewing a pair of funky shoes with a ribbon & sequins for a friend) and anime (some was dire and I won't be watching any more of the series), I high-fived my Muse and we carried on plotting world domination.

Words mostly flowed onto the page. There were moments when Muse didn't know which word to use. Sometimes I just put a filler word in CAPITALS so that I could carry on and figure out the correct word when I come to editing it. I knew roughly how I wanted this chapter to go. I hadn't counted on the end though - Muse managed her usual trick of creating a plot twist without warning me first. I don't mind though! It makes me smile and keeps me on my toes. Sometimes her twists will be unravelled in the next edit, but a lot of the time they stay.

Now it's time to write up a book review (& read the book....it's a fun picture book!), then relax with knitting more of my friend's shawl. I hope to make a dent in chapter 14 tomorrow!

DD is currently just over 26k :)

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