Sunday, 5 December 2010

Relaxing is lovely!

Ahhhhh! (that's a happy Ahhhhh not an Arrrrghhhh of frustration).

I'm nice and relaxed. I've taken a super long weekend off work, watched a few movies, read a lot, had lunch with a friend.

And I've just written an entire chapter! As per usual it has ended in a way I didn't expect, but I'm happy with the direction Muse is taking the story in for now. It was fun to do and took just under 2 hours, which is good.

WIP nearly stands at 45k! Whoohoo! Hopefully I'll get to write chapter 22 tomorrow. I've got another day off - doing stuff in the morning - but will be free in the afternoon to write!

Must go find my camera and put up In My Mailbox on the other blog. Then I'm settling down with Beautiful Darkness!!! Finished Beautiful Creatures earlier on this afternoon.

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