Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Pathological Adventures & some yayness

Once upon a time, in a land far far away.... (cue a certain type of music!!!)

More accurately, on 18th November I had an important hospital appointment up in London. It was my 6 monthly check up. Last time, in May, I avoided having my blood taken because they felt they had all the info they needed and considering what was going on the less they did to me the better. This time I wasn't going to escape. My appointment was a little rushed (all is fine) so that I could make it to have my blood taken before it closed at 5.15pm. doctor had got her times muddled up. Blood closed at 5pm. Pharmacy (which I also needed) closed at 5.15pm or later. I was pretty happy since it meant I could skip the blood! But I'd have to take it another day.

I had a think with my family, and since one member works at our local hospital, they remembered that with pathology you can just walk in and they take your blood. I had the two bags needed. However, it would be best if I told my local doctor about it. So today, while awaiting an important package (sadly not books) for another family member, I also waited for my doctor to phone me.

As soon as I was off the phone, it was Operation Vampire. Not knowing quite what went on at the hospital, I stapled small pieces of paper with my local doctor's name and part of the address (the bags to store it had the London details on it). I scribbled a note for my family, got my coat on...and they came home :)

Off I went in the cold. When I got there, there were only 2 car parking spaces left. I was a bit grumbly because although they were disabled spaces, they were normal spaces painted yellow, and not the lovely ones which are wide and have hatch markings down at least one side (those I love because even if I go in diagonally (which I frequently do) it doesn't matter! I then went off in search of the vampire lair.

It was quite easy to find - both family's instructions and the signs saying 'Pathology' and 'blood tests' made it pretty obvious. I got there, took a ticket. #20. #14 went in. I settled down, getting rather warm with a cardigan and a coat. No bad thing because it helps the blood come to the surface or something like that. I was going to read, but chose to tweet instead :)

One by one people disappeared into thin air. Soon it was my turn. I went in, tried to close the door, only to be told it doesn't fully close (it didnt). Perhaps this was so I could make a speedy escape.

The blood taking person made me recite my name and date of birth (were they going to send me a birthday present?) Then she looked at what I needed doing. She had to go off and check about one - I had a yellow slip which was a request to store my DNA. :D Yup, a small vial of blood will be sent to London for storage. I probably won't be able to visit that little part of me, but I think it's there for when there are research breakthroughs (they are slowly specialist says its too slow but I say it's good that it's happening, in the future they can help other people more, even if they can't necessarily help me). I find that a pretty cool concept! I know a part of me is somewhere in Europe, with a sort of retired, semi-mad professor (I'm not entirely joking - he has been referred to like this).

I knew I had to have a lot taken - they check lots of different things. My blood taker had to check her special blood folder, to find out what colour I needed. I had two purples, one mustard colour, one grey and I can't remember the rest.

I made sure that I didn't look at what she was doing. I have fainted once in the past, but usually I'm fine. However, this time she put the needle in and it hurt. Not sure what she did, but she said it was coming out. I felt a bit weird, and just tried to keep breathing evenly. It really hurt. Then it was over, and she had to write up her labels. I felt a bit closed in, and suddenly the air was filled with mosquitos. I didn't say anything. I just wanted to get out of there. So I legged it as soon as I was let go. I still felt pretty weird. I hadn't eaten before I left the house (not since breakfast - I did have a few nuts for the very purpose of not fainting but it didn't entirely work!). I went and got a treat in Costa (we have one in the hospital, which feels a bit weird!), I got a strawberry shortcake dessert drink. Still got it. Yummy!

Had a little sit down in my car before driving home. Got in, ate some food. Recounted my tale.

That's hopefully the end of my pathological adventures for this year :)

And the yayness? Well, anti-nausea tablets are working. If I forget one, I do feel quite sick (I still can feel sick, but it's heaps better than it was). I do now have the strange side effect of low appetite. I thought it was after feeling rough last Thursday...but yesterday I double checked side effects and hey, it's a rare one! Don't worry, I'm eating 3 meals a day, making sure they are healthy and balanced. It's only at lunch and dinner that I can't eat as much. I don't really snack either. I might be a little hungry, but as soon as I start eating I feel full. As someone who loves food, it's not a fun thing to happen. I'm hoping it doesn't last too long, but if it does, it's liveable.

The best news - before yesterday my medication was only workint 5-10%, and that was on a good day. On a bad day it wasn't working at all. Yesterday, I got up to 25% working. Which is a major breakthrough. It was so nice to have a few moments this morning of having distinctly less pain. I kept grinning to myself.

So I'm spending the rest of the day reading and reviewing. :) A great Wednesday - which usually is spent in front of anime, but I'm saving that for Sunday.


maryom said...

Glad to hear things are going well for a while. Your trip reminds me of the blood testing I had done when pregnant the first time - they had to take enough to check blood type and immunity to rubella and all sorts of stuff. I was expecting a small syringe size amount but they took am enormous bottle full!! I don't mind the needles as such, just very scared of moving too much and breaking one off!

Nayuleska said...

Naturally I do blame today's little incident for why I'm not up to writing :) Yup - with all the bottles I had it seemed like an awful lot!

Michelle at Clover Hill Book Reviews said...

<> I'm very squeamish about having blood taken, so, like you - I refuse to look when it's being done as well. I seriously don't know how anyone can do that job!