Thursday, 30 December 2010

First alpha feedback of Inescapable Ties, plus progress on next wip

*beams at the screen*

Early alpha feedback on IT suggests it has a lot of strengths and does captivate interest. I've got lots of ideas from said alpha reader on which areas need changing, and which need to stay. Muse is eager to get on with it, so I'm not worried that it'll be a problematic edit.

For now I'm going to continue A Price Worth Paying. Turns out I'd already written 11 chapters. Originally I wrote it in third person, but then wanted to change it to first. I've only changed the first chapter. Today I reread the chapter, tweaked the majorly obvious errors.

I'm working by the reasoning that my epic writing on Sunday means technically I should not write for the number of days it would have taken me to write each chapter. That's partially why I'm calling it a day with writing today. Didn't get to sleep til late, woke up after 3 hours, then managed to sleep until a much more sensible time. Still tired though!

Will work more on my wip tomorrow, I promise :)

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