Saturday, 20 November 2010

Inescapable Ties (Alpha version) Chapter 17 & 18 complete!

Go me! Another 3k written today. Finished off chapter 17. I felt pretty rough, but wanted to keep going (I'm such a goal setter, which isn't always good!). I've managed to write all of 18. I know I missed out a few things I'd wanted to include, but I refuse to go back until the first round of edits. I'm probably going to add another character to the scene - yes it needs it.

But...3k!! That makes at least 3 days of writing 3k!!! *smiles*

Wip currently stands at 18 chapters and 38k! I'm really enjoying writing this, it's such fun. Now I'm off to read - I'll have reviews to do, but I'll do them another day. Need to rest now :)

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