Friday, 26 November 2010

Chapter 19 is done in my head...just not on paper.

I'm so happy! Chapter 18 ends on a cliffhanger (or balcony hanger....heehee) and I thought I knew what was happening in chapter 19. However, in a moment of 'my story is rubbish' I thought my preliminary plan for what happened next to Safiya was a little bit weak. 

The convo went like this: 

Me to Muse: Slipping off the balcony then being caught at the last moment is a little bit dull. And unrealistic. Followed with chatting with Abidah is also dull, and boring. 
Muse: I am not dull and boring! (D&B)
Me: No, you aren't that. But chapter 19 is in danger of being D&B 
Muse: Not if I have anything to do with it. 
Me: So...plan for not being D&B? 

Muse thought a while. Then imagined that she was pitching her idea to Important People in Publishing. The next part was spoken at top speed

Muse: In order to prevent chapter being D&B, here's my brilliant plan! S can actually fall off the balcony and land in the pond (which is full of fish. And plants.). She'll be terrified but unable to scream for fear of being found out that she's escaped from her locked room. Abidah will chuck one of the tennis balls on her head, this one will actually have a note on. However, Safiya misinterprets the note and literally doen't move. She nearly gets caught when Abidah's bodyguard enters the private garden on the look out for Abidah. Safiya has to take her outer layer of clothing off and put them in the pond to make it look as though Abidah fell in by accident. The bodyguard does eventually go away...but then Abidah has to get Safiya back to her room (which is still locked) so they got to Abidah's room, because, unbeknown to Safiyah, there's a passage in the ceiling that joins the two rooms. 

I don't think that is so D&B, do you? The tennis ball has a lot of significance which I can't explain now. I'm glad Muse came up with a better version. 

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