Sunday, 17 October 2010

Easy days are essential to wellbeing

Today has been an easy day. I don't call watching lots of anime easy. In theory it is. But I tend to feel the need to do something, which can be detrimental when I should be resting.

So after a very long sleep, I made myself watch anime for a few hours. I then got up, did a few bits online, watched more anime.

I then tried to write for 30 minutes.

I managed 20 minutes in two 10 minute intervals. I'm pleased I've achieved that. But as I sit down for the last 10 minutes, I realise today it's not going to happen. And that is ok. I have written. I have more word in my chapter. I've read a few insightful articles on writing, I've chatted with friends online (via Twitter).

Easy days where you relax and don't do anything are almost harder than days which are jam packed full of life stuff. Being still, relaxing, not doing very much feels so alien. But we all need to do it so that we can keep going with our lives.

I'm about to grab some juice (with extra juicy bits in it, according to the carton), settle down and read a book. This is what weekends are made for.

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