Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Today's lesson: phones are not music players

I'd say I'm an intermediate technologist. Most of the time I can work a device with a little bit of imput from the instructions.

Today I got phone 2 (long story. I'm getting two phones, one has unlimited landline calls, the other unlimited text calls).

I had managed to forget the saga of my current phone (shortly to be recycled when I actually get my handset (warehouse were bad and said new phone was in stock, when it wasn't. Should have one by next week)). I'd dutifully set up the pc software, spent hours trying to get music onto it. Managed to get a few tracks...then failed to get any further.

So when I opened my phone this afternoon, it took me a good hour and a bit to figure out how to use the thing. Instruction manuals are written by the wrong people. I didn't understand my different screens. I have figured out how to add a contact. Yay! Will add more contacts later (probably a gradual process).

Anyway, to return to the current dilemma. Wanted music on my phone. Simple, yes? In theory I can download the software, plug in my phone, select 'pc suite' and it will go to pc suite. That happened 1 in 5 times. Same theory says that if I plug in the phone and press 'music' it will sync music. Nope. I've been trying for a good hour.

Conclusion: leave music for music devices, phones for texts and calls. I've wasted valuable reading and reviewing time. Although this week I'm still recovering from being ill, and am really short of time. Somehow I managed to book a full weekend which perhaps wasn't the wisest of decisions.

Additionally, I had a small revelation about reviewing. That I do not have to put all my time and effort into it. That I need to relax about it. Hence me not panicking that the only reviews going up this week are probably at the weekend! *glares at phone for taking up time*

Oh well. Next week will improve, yes? Hopefully!

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