Sunday, 11 July 2010

This weekend's writing progress

Yesterday I wrote chapter 2 of Inksie, the Fairy Pirate. Alpha readers like it so far, even with the veering off in the story thanks to Muse.

Today = reading only day. However, I did post up 1-10 of Inescapable Ties for my alpha readers. To my surprise I've written 21,878 words! How cool is that! I'm 1/4 or so through the book. Yay! It's nice to have that sort of gauge of how I'm doing. In each chapter, I can see the word count. I don't (didn't) see the overall word count because each chapter is in a separate file (MS Word struggles with huge files sometimes).

Thinking about being 1/4 through this first (sort of) draft is a real boost. Who knows what lies in store in the rest of the 3/4!

I'm off to devour a few books. Have a good weekend, and hopefully I'll be reporting in tomorrow with more writing news.

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