Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Netless but productive

Yesterday I was netless. However I managed to write 1 and a bit chapters of Inksie, the Fairy Pirate. Not as much as I'd planned, but my evening plans changed and it was more hands-on babysitting.

Today - well, I'm hoping to write a bit more shortly. Have spend best part of an hour or so grumbling at technology for not working the way I want it to. It's the little things which can make such a difference.

*smiles at the computer* (If I smile, everything is fine :) The computer will behave)


Beth Overmyer said...

Technology. Grr. *stab* Well, it can be a good thing.

*hugs* Glad to see you on today. Glad to read more Inksie! Your Muse needs to have a chat with mine. Bob II (my Muse), lets Carl (Inner Editor) talk over him. Maybe your Muse could whip mine into shape.

Hmm. Maybe my Muse is faulty because he's named after my computer. I will have to look into that.



Nayuleska said...

My Muse is very chatty. She's not always eager to meet new people, for the fear that they will steal her ideas. I have told her not to be so ridiculous!

Yes...Muses can get very tetchy if their name isn't the right one.

Beth Overmyer said...

I think I need to seriously think about re-naming. Something feminine yet tough. I think Bob II was a girl pretending to be a boy. Now she's...


Whaddaya think?

P.S. Trust is a big issue with Muses. Though, I think my mom is afraid of people using my ideas more than Bob II/Sasha is.