Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm keeping busy :)

I've had fun writing chapter 3 of Inksie the Fairy Pirate, with the introduction of the word ferri for fairies. Writing about pirates is providing some very interesting spellings. I don't think Inksie would agree with me - she's was to be far away from the pirates, but she's stuck with them for quite a long time for now. 

I'm just about to carry on with chapter 11 of Inescapable Ties. The tone of the book couldn't be more different to ItFP. 

I've been asked how I can work on two wips at once. Having very different subject matters helps a bit. It helps that I know (sort of, my Muse definitely knows but isn't spilling the beans) what is happening in each chapter. The more time I spend on both, the more natural it seems. Sometimes I do wish characters could cross over into the books because it would add chaos to the story, but there's a reason why they are in different wips. 


Krispy said...

I think also having 2 WIPs keeps you from getting burned out on either because you can always switch it up between them. :)

Every time you mention Inksie, I think of Australian Inksie at Inkfever.

Nayuleska said...

Your thoughts are spot on :-) She and 3 others are the inspiration for this series.