Saturday, 31 July 2010

First draft of Inksie, the Fairy Pirate is complete!

Yay! Party time here.

I'm super happy because I've finished Inksie!

I've been working really hard this week to hit the slightly insane goal of finishing Inksie by the end of today (Saturday 31st July). I wrote when I didn't feel like writing. And Inksie cheered me up immensely.

Today I honestly thought I would be working past lunch time on it. But Muse got herself into gear, and wrote the last 3 chapters this morning. *hugs Muse*

Editing starts tomorrow. I need a polished draft by the end of August. I'm doing a sweeping 2nd edit this week, so I can send it to my beta readers on 7th August.

I'm going to beat this wip into shape, so Inksie sparkles, just like her purple magical spells!

A large thank you to all of you for cheering me on. I'm a step closer to conquering the world.


shield maiden said...

Yay!! Are you going to move on to another project now or rest a little?

Nayuleska said...

I'm editing this project :) I have a self-made end of August deadline! Plus will be starting something new :)

Fairy vampire, anyone?