Monday, 19 July 2010

Chapter 7 written, and moving onto chapter 8!

With alpha readers banging on my virtual door for me, this morning I cracked on with chapter seven. The character introduced here will be Inksie's sanity on the pirate ship.

There were two moments when I spent several minutes looking on the screen, and using google to try and figure up the right words to use. The words came to me, they may not stay embedded in the text forever, but they'll do for now.

This chapter (7) is a small breather for Inksie. Everything has been 'Go, go, go!' for her. Well, until the last sentence. Hee hee. I don't think readers will be able to guess ahead too much what's going to happen. I hope not! Alpha reader is free to read, so hopefully I might find out more from their reaction later on.

On to chapter 8!

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