Monday, 26 July 2010

Chapter 16-17 are written! & why chores benefit writing

Today has been a lovely, productive day. I managed to write chapters 16 & 17 this morning. I wasn't so sure on chapter 17, but I had to stop half way through. When I got back to it I was a lot happier and was able to finish it without deleting too much work.

I'm about to embark on chapter 18. But before I do, I would like to say why chores benefit writing.

1) They are a break. If you're a little bit mad with your Muse, go do a chore to take a break. Chances are inspiration will hit you (see 2)

2) They are a source of inspiration. While sorting out the laundry I was mulling over what's got to happen next. I'm near the end of the book. I knew vaguely what could happen, but didn't have specifics. While hanging up clothes, Muse got to work. You see, I had a brainstorm with my alpha reader whether to take the scene down route a or route b. As I wrote the explanation, I felt route b would work. Alpha reader agreed.

However, at route b there was another branch of options (by this point Muse had changed what I'd agreed with alpha into something slightly different). I was totally stuck which one to use. But, in hanging the laundry, Muse came up with a pretty cool idea.

I was happy with that. However, I still wasn't sure how the story would end (the specifics. I knew the generics.) Muse came up with that too! It's a bit crazy, but hopefully it'll fit in with the story and won't get chucked out the window.

Well, I'm off to write as much as I can of it today. For tomorrow is a writing free zone (my last day in the long weekend - I think I'd better actually rest up. Judging from last week there's bound to be a nice little stack of work for me to do).

So, take breaks from you work, and let your Muse mull things over.

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