Saturday, 17 July 2010

2 days of no writing but much excitement :)

Yesterday I didn't do any writing. I ran errands, then did lots of bloggy bits (at least I think I did. Yes, I set up several competitions on my book review blog so please go take a look here to win books!) I wanted to do more...but realised I needed to have a quiet evening in preparation for today.

Today - well go check out what happened here, where I attended Random House Children's Books Book Blogger Brunch (try saying that fast). I'm buzzing from it, and am surrounded by books (24 to be precise). Supremely happy, a little tired so I'm spending the day writing up a blog post about it (photos will come later when I have links to them - I didn't take any) (yes that could take time) and possibly reading. Muse is hugging each book, jumping up and down like mad. She's really high on the books. Books fuel her imagination in a big way. Equally to anime.

Knowing I've got an extra long weekend (not back at work until Weds) so I have time to write (especially when my car goes for it's MOT and I have to wait for a few hours), I'm letting her have time off. I hope to write quite a bit more of Inksie, the Fairy Pirate. I'm hoping to finish a roughly polished draft by August at the latest, with the view potentially to start querying in September (eeep!)

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