Monday, 28 June 2010

1k done, 1k to go?

Written 1k on my wip today already. Might (if Muse holds up) be able to get another 1k in. 

Then need to split the chapter. Because it's too long. I knew I was writing chapter 8 in chapter 7. Shouldn't be too difficult to split it :) 

Still, Muse is going strong! By economising on time (no blog reading. I hate this time chop. I want to read what you're all up to!), by writing on mini-laptop which has no internet (*waves a hanky at twitter*), and just be focusing, I'm getting more done. 

How long will this last? 

Hopefully a good long while. My goal was to write more and to relax more. Somehow I discover where the time holes are..

Oooh my rolls smell lovely! *heads off to check rolls don't burn* Watercress soup tonight! 

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