Monday, 24 May 2010

Day one of Muse Unleashed: 587 words.

That is quite an achievement - in under 40 mins! Considering how some days it can take me a good hour to write that many, I think it's ok. 

Sure, I'm now just letting Muse completely free, as in No Reins Whatsoever. I'm not even going back and correcting things. 

(Yes that does have me looking on a little horrified). 

The nice little heat wave England is having has totally chilled me out. Muse can do whatever she likes. It speeds up the process somewhat. And frees up the fear that I can't think of anything to put down in the chapter. 

Will write more tomorrow.  Time to unwind with a book. Was going to watch anime/game, but I'm bit too wired for that! Looking forward to at least 2 hours of writing after work tomorrow. Go Muse! 

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