Monday, 10 May 2010

Chapter 3: I've made it past page one!

As bed time looms on the horizon, I have just about made it onto page two of chapter 3. I spent a fair while yesterday writing the first few paragraphs over and over.

Tonight I repeated yesterday's act - with the same paragraphs. It took time, but I slowly made my way down the page. As I write this, I'm still on page one. I'm heading off to make it to page 2.

I've made it! Whoohoo!

Ok so Muse is making this wip full of humour, rather than suspense. Suspense is there. But the voice of nuts. *eyes up Muse*. I have no control over her at this stage. I don't know what to think. *shrugs*. Can't really do much about how Muse wants to tell the story at this stage.

*Traipses off to bed*

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