Monday, 12 April 2010

Chapter 2 is written! On to chapter 3...

Yesterday didn't find me in a super-hyper-cheery mood. Quite the opposite. But I made myself Do Things.

I set a few goals, and overachieved!

I only meant to write a few paragraphs of chapter 2. But 5 and a half hours later...I'd gone and written the entire thing!

Yes, it did veer from the Grand Master Plot somewhat. Not in a bad way. I really ought to learn by now what I think my Muse wants, is often a smoke screen until I rent my fingers to her for typing. (Unfortunately I don't get paid in anything other than author satisfaction. Plus, I can blame her for any lousy sentences).

Today I'm going to start chapter 3! Whooohoo! I might even start it before I head to work.....(catsitting so I have 5 min commute).

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Chelsea said...

'ello :o) I have just found your blog, and I am stalking/following (er, I mean "seeking updates") it. I am a 14 year old home educated girl from England.

If you would like to visit my blog, you can see it here:

Thanks :)
Chelsea x