Saturday, 20 March 2010

Post highlight editing Plot Progress report 3

I happily raise my hand and admit I didn't expect to plot yesterday. It was my 'to-do' day, and I have a loonnnggg list of stuff to get done.

But, when a friend popped up online, I saw her, realised that I would be poked to plot, so agreed to plot for 40 mins.

It was a slow start, because I couldn't get a playlist to play in itunes (stupid program....). Instead of mucking around with that, I picked a tune and stuck it on repeat.

40 minutes later, Muse was happy. I'd worked through one and a bit chapters. Had at least 3 brainwaves. 2 were pretty good twists to the story. One was ridiculous and I have honestly forgotten what it was. Thankfully.

So progress was made! More should be made later on today :)

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