Monday, 4 January 2010

Might be absent over the next few days


Because level of snow is the same at home and at friend's, I'm safe back home. Due 10-12 hrs snow, up to 40cm predicted. Methinks I'll be snowed in for a few days. With the internet. Yay! I can read lots and review lots.

Whether that happens or not is a different matter!

I plan on

  • Making a snow bunny (rabbits are bunnies in my world).
  • Watch snow fall. Check weather website (because it's fun)
  • Watch movies/spend time with family
I actually want to be at work because next week term starts, so its nice to get everything (where possible) sorted before students return. And I genuinely enjoy it, and miss my work colleagues.

However, if a snow day happens, I take full advantage of it and enjoy! (Yes, I still check work emails - its one thing I can do).

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