Saturday, 2 January 2010

2 hours of plotting and 0 words

This morning I've spent a good 2 hours having a friendly debate with Muse. She decided she wanted to include another pov character (making it up to 4).

Initially I thought yes, ok, semi-decent idea. It would reveal more about a certain side of the plot. But, as I was figuring out how that particular plot went, I ran into some problems.

* I am not good at writing male povs. That was half the problem in the previous version of Imperial Intrigue. Now, I know I can work on that. But it diluted the story somewhat.

So I surfed the net looking out advice on POV's. I read a fair few useful gems of info. I chatted with Muse some more. I pointed out I know my weakness and right now I don't think I'd be very good at strengthening that particular one (since I already am focusing on a few others).

Also, when it boiled down to the point of the character in the story - yes, the character is very important. However, virtually everything can be found out by the other (and only) imperial pov character, Treanna. Because she is going to be working closely with Lord Vir. What Lord Vir does will affect her, and that particular plot might be stronger for only having Tre's point of view.

Muse is not entirely happy. She is sulking because she'd already written out a few scenes with Lord Vir in. Parts of the scenes are entertaining. But, I pointed out that I can still have the scene because they are vital to the story, only they will be from Treanna's pov. Poor Tre - she's got quite a lot of conflict to deal with. And she thought Termions were perfect and problem free :D

(See how not sorry I'm feeling right now).

I'm off to take a break - interpret that as a few anime episodes - then I'll get back to chapter 4.

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