Monday, 7 December 2009

Chapter 2 progress report 2

*beams at computer*

I've found the perfect way to write. One of the theme songs from the anime Noir is highly addictive, and can be applied (at some point in their lives) to all my characters in all my wips. It is a song which appears during the action parts of the anime.

Link on youtube to Noir OST Canta per me

Anyway, I've created a play list with around 30 of this song. There's no repeat button on youtube, so I created one in this form.

I press play, and then I sit and write.

370 words later.... :) I've even gone through and done a rough edit. Muse works well with this song. Most of the time the words just flow. If I have to sit and think, she does get stirred into action much quicker than if she listens to other music.

*hugs Muse*

Time to go fuel up my muse. Books are calling my name.

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Beth said...

I have a song (a weird song, at that) that has helped me crank out the words. Glad you found one!

*hugs* Yay for you :-D