Monday, 16 November 2009

I vow to spend less time online

and more time writing.

Yup. I've said it.

Today is day 1 in 'trying to cut down net time'. I spend a lot of time here. I check the same sites over and over throughout the day, when there often isn't much change. I'm making a stand, and creating more writing time for myself. So I'm only checking blogs and sites in the morning. Email can be checked throughout the day (people do email me). But Twitter will be once a day. Blogger will be once a day. I'll come online to post on my blog, to watch tv that needs catching up on, but other than that, I'll be mostly unplugged. Gtalk is an exception since a few of my friends are in the states so we're working on different timezones.

See me be more productive with my day. I'll let you know how it goes once I've let go of this keyboard.


Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

Good idea! I need to do this too.

Yunaleska said...

Although things didn't go according to plan as to the activities I did yesterday evening, I did avoid netting and I'm sure I gained an extra 40-60 mins!

Cyrille said...

Good for you. I too have decided to limit the time I spend online. Aside from ordering my meds at, I would make use of my time online to write on my journal and read up on some of my favorite posts. As for the others like twitter or online shopping, I would schedule them for the weekends.

Yunaleska said...

Only at weekends? Mmmm, maybe I could try that for blogging....we shall see. I still need to blog virtually every day though :)