Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Writing goals met!

It's been a while, but today I've met my writing goals!

Finished the rest of the chapter reading through Termion and colour coding beta comments. I've learnt the usual: to use that instead of what, to quit pov hopping, to stop making characters do impossible feats, that Termion needs a bigger overhaul than Imperial Intrigue did.

I've added 543 words to chapter 3 of Diplomatic Disaster. I'm almost at the point where not one, but two important events happen simultaneously. This early in the novel I can't make things easy for my characters! (Yes, there will be a large explosion in a chapter or two. Got to create a build up first). It was easy to slip into writing again. I only hope this draft is in a better state than Termion. I've got to improve my drafting eventually, right?

1 comment:

Lady Glamis said...

You WILL improve if you haven't already! Keep it up. :)