Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Honestly, who would have them? I couldn't be without mine. But oh they are testing me right now.

Tolly has barely eaten anything since Monday. Yesterday he didn't have dinner. It was still there this morning. Gave him breakfast - fish and biscuits. He barely had any biscuits. I'm cooking fish for dinner...had to borrow milk off a neighbour (and have a good mini-rant about animals).

There are some days when he doesn't really eat much. But if he doesn't eat much by Saturday, it could be one way ticket to the vet. (He is on his last legs). He slept by my side all of last night - rare when my parents are away. Sometimes he'll be on my feet for a few hours, then he'll move off. He was curled up by my large heffalump.

Then there are the birds.

They had scaly feet a while back. I used spray, they were fine. I look at Zack today, and his is really bad. So I spend a good 5 mins trying to catch him (they are so fast!). Catch him. He's stressed. I'm not quite sure what happened...but he escaped.

Mild curse word from me, I rush to shut the door. My room is big. Thankfully he hovers by the airer, then heads towards my shelfs. I catch him with help of the net, look at him, and nearly cry. His feet are very bad. So I spray him as much as I can...then set him loose. He sat on the floor of the cage, not moving. I'm worried I've hurt him. He then flies up, and cowers behind the wicker nest. He won't come out for over 5 minutes. I'm nearly crying because I don't speak bird, I can't explain that I'm trying to help him. I'll spray him every day to every other day. If it doesn't improve in a week, he'll have to go to the vet.

Animals! Adore but oh my its tough love.

Sadly I have no explosions in my current wip, but I've got some action so will attack that later.

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