Monday, 28 September 2009

Muse waves frantically

Afternoon all! Yuna's Muse here. You will believe the amount of new wips I have just waiting to spill out. Sadly my pet, er I mean author, is having to take life a little more slowly at the moment. I can poke to my heart's content but the amount she can write in a day is limited...sometimes its 0. At least I'm keeping busy coming up with all new plots for Termion and other wips. Believe me when I say my author isn't procrastinating. If life were a character, I'd torture it more than I do the current characters. And that's saying something, especially if you know what happens in Termion. Heehee.

She is reading a lot, and letting me research with dvds. Great fun!


Captain Hook said...

I so know the feeling. Life is hateful for getting in the way.

Danyelle said...

*waves to Yuna's Muse* I hope your pet, er, Author gets feeling better soon!