Sunday, 6 September 2009

Inescapable Ties update!

Inescapable Ties, formerly known as Natsu, is my 2nd wip right now. I opened it up today, was going to aim to revise 1 chapter. I then realised I couldn't quite place what happens in all the chapters. So my current editing goal is to create a chapter summary.

Oh boy I'd forgotten how much I love this wip! Aside from the fact it is short (which will be rectified) I like all the tension I have. I am making it a little bit more sci-fi, (muse is on a sci-fi rampage), adding Abidah's father's POV and it's got me super excited about writing in general. It's rough, but it's the kind of tone I'd like for some of my wips. Fast paced. No-one knows what's going on (I do...and people know parts, but nothing is revealed all at once - which is how it should be).

Yay! Loving the 'lets go write' enthusiasm. Such a shame I have to cook dinner. Sigh. Want to read and summarise!

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Danyelle said...

I love it when the Book Love is there! Good luck!