Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday Fings!

Yes, the pun is pad. Very bad. Heehee!

Friday...I am...halfway on chapter 19 of Termion. Great progress is being made.

I have 2 manga which I ordered 2 months ago. The company is fantastic, not their fault customs decides to hold up their innocent package from Japan. Beautiful books. I have the anime too.

Also received 2 books from Oxford University Press! Whoohoo! Another publisher who is kindly donating book to my cause. I mean, the cause of book reviewing :D If I hurry up I can sneak them up to my room before my parents return. I *am* getting rid of some of the books I acquire. I'm not keeping them all. Unfortunately.

Very happy...need to go unpack, feed cat, (who might have to be put to sleep next week) clean my lovely birds who have been with me a week. All day they tweet and bathe. All night they sleep. Great, easy, fun pets. Great fun to watch while I write. Distracting? A little. I'm a writer! All things distract me.

Yup, in a fine mood for the weekend. May it last! Reading is on the agenda tomorrow while I wait for my car to be serviced. And writing etc etc. Book reviewing too. At this rate I'll be writing more than 1 a day to keep up with demand. Don't worry, writing isn't being neglected.

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