Thursday, 16 July 2009

Progress! 14 to go!

Tralallaaa! Muse happy cos I've edited Chapter 15/29! Only another 14 to go. WHoohoo! 

If my laptop plays ball, I may attack chapter 16 after dinner. The good news (for those who don't know, its prone to overheating, and I decided to get in contact with sony) is that they've received my request and its gone onto the next level of support. Whatever that means. I just sit and wait. I don't have to pay anything (yet) - just see what they say. 

Oh, excellent news from an Alpha reader (who read the first draft). She officially loves it! Unfortunately she probably can't beta read before I want to query it, but that's enough to keep me going. I'll be grilling her on Saturday for details. 

Must go read...and put laundry away.  Why can't chores just go and get on with things themselves for writers? Cuts into valuable writing and research time! 


Danyelle said...

Great progress!

I agree. Live would be much better without housework!

Beth said...

Awesomeness, girl! Woot! *confetti*

Yunaleska said...

I feel like I'm on a roll!