Friday, 26 June 2009

Under the weather

Writing off for today because I'm being hit with a minor virus. Off work resting up with anime. Letting muse carry out research :)


Pen Pen said...

YAAAY following widget!!! I get confused without one :)
I hope u feel better!! I was sick a couple of weeks ago and read thru a chapter --I saw it in a new way--perhaps...a crazy way..much like dreaming...but it was interesting--with a high fever, your writing sounds totally different. Perhaps Lewis Carrol wrote 'Through the Looking Glass' with a fever :)

Lady Glamis said...

Feel better soon, sweetie!

Danyelle said...


I hope you feel better soon.

*chocolate for the Muse*

Yunaleska said...

Thanks everyone! Body didn't quite obey brain with the 'I am well' mantra. Woken up feeling distinctly under the weather. So its a day packed with anime and gaming for me - I've got a semi-busy day tomorrow that ideally I won't have to reschedule.