Sunday, 21 June 2009

Editing Termion, Post *9

If anyone knows where the number sign is on a mac keyboard, please let me know. 

I...didn't get onto chapter 8. I did spend the afternoon copying and pasting from open office to MS word the rest of Termion, chapter by chapter. I skim read and marked in where I need to include the 2nd pov/change it to the second pov. Which is great progress. Now I can just sit back and write it (*snorts*). 

I have 9 days to complete 20 chapters. I have got the option for an extension, but I don't know if I'll need it yet. 

The funniest thing was when I reached mention of an *event*. I stared at the page in horror. When did this *event* happen? I'd accidentally put the *event* in an early chapter and had to delete it. Going back a few chapters I then realised where it had happened, and laughed. :) 

I can also see how drafty it was when I miss out whole sentences, and paragraphs appear without any prelude. Love drafts...but love editing more. 


Danyelle said...

It's right over the 3--American version. :p

Progress is progress, and progress is good!

Yuna, did you just say you love editing? >.> I'm thinking the deadline is cracking you. :p

Icy Roses said...

I'm glad you love editing.

Because the rest of us sane ones do not. :-P

Pen Pen said...

I keep being shocked by my first draft! Every time I read it, I see more stuff that either makes NO sense, or happens in the wrong spot. I was naive after finishing it--tho I knew I was going to have many more drafts, I thought it would be pretty much all there and in the right spot...nope. It was in shambles...There was a point where I changed the name of a character and actually didn't realize it-then, I switched back a couple of chapters later :)
I hope ur editing goes well!!
I have a new mac, and the number sign is with the number 3, so maybe u can try (shift/3)?! I dunno if maybe it's changed on different macs...
BUT- I really love ur blog! Honesty about the journey of writing is why I started reading blogs and writing them! YAY!!

Pen Pen said...

oh--Do u have a follow button and I just don't see it?! Or is there another way to follow that I'm ignorant of---that last option is very possible :)

Yunaleska said...

Pen Pen - following widget is now up. Thank you for alerting me to that! Perhaps I ought to spend an hour or two this weekend sorting this rather neglected blog out.

I'm glad you enjoy it! A new post will be up today - including info about first drafts/revisions.