Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Editing Termion, Post #3

Words deleted in today's session: 0
Words added in today's session: 0

Today's session has happened. It's been happening for the last 35 mins. And I've made progress.

I came to the chapter where I was going to put a 2nd POV in. I wrote one word, then stalled. I couldn't write another word. No, its not this strange writer's block which people talk about. It was my muse refusing to cooperate because second pov doesn't work in Termion.

It took me virtually all this time to figure it out. Once I stalled, I did try to write a few sentences. But nothing came out. So I skim read what happens in the following chapter (which is now just chapter 3). And the 2nd pov didn't scream out to me. I then trawled through emails because my beta-reader had made a very good point about pov's.

Dear beta-reader: you know who you are. I'm copying your insight into number of povs now. If you object, let me know and I'll edit the post. If I know you like I do, you won't object.

Beta-reader said: The point I'm taking a long time making, is that each story is told a different way. I have specific reasons for this and this is what the story calls for. That's what I'd stay true to when you write.

Termion is the only wip to date I've written with one pov. It felt right at the time. And turns out it feels right now.

Imperial Intrigue: first draft had at least five pov's. Current revision (on hiatus) has 4 povs.
Misty chaos (as far as I can remember) has 4 pov's
A price worth paying: 4 povs
White Lily: 1 pov
Gem Manipulator: 1 pov
Inescapable Ties: 3 pov
The Flower Girl: 3 povs
Acquistioners: 2 povs
A Spy's Legacy: 3 povs

I have other wips but these are the ones which I'll use for demonstration

4 povs = 3 wips
3 povs = 3 wips
2 povs = 1 wip
1 pov = 2 wips (excluding termion)

I've got a broad range of povs in my wips. Which confirms what my muse is telling me: its ok for Termion to have 1 pov. It's Jinna's story, hers and hers alone.

So 0 words written, but a lot of progress made :) Tomorrow, I hope to edit chapter 3.


Danyelle said...

Yay for figuring this out! It's better to figure it out now, than five revisions from now. ;-)

Your beta reader is so wise. :p I would listen to her. Unless she's a him, then I would listen to him, but mostly I would just listen to her. >.<

For some reason, all the Feather stories have 4 POVs, while the Flower books have 1. That's just how they come out. I didn't realize GF had a 4 PsOV thing going on until after the 2nd or 3rd revision. Oh, well. At least they're staying consistent. :D

Icy Roses said...

Wow. I think it would be so hard to do multiple POVs. Almost everything I've written has only been one POV. But it's good you figured this whole POV problem out. Better late than never.

Jinna is a pretty cool name.

Yunaleska said...

Update: Yup, I listen to my beta-reader a lot.

Thank you! I like Jinna too.

*groans* a character decided on my morning commute they should have a pov. It could work. I don't know what to do. Might just try it all without the pov. If beta reader thinks it needs it, I can add it later.

Anonymous said...

It's better to have 0 words written and lots of progress than 500 words written and no progress. Yes?
I hope you get to edit tomorrow!

I've recently been playing around with first person and switching pov between two-ish characters. It's fun. ^.^

Yunaleska said...

pov swapping is much fun indeed! Glad you're enoying it.