Monday, 8 June 2009

Editing Termion, Post * 2

Note: I'm using a mac for this post, and can't find the number key! so a * is there instead.

The original chapter one is now edited. It morphed into 2 chapters.

Original word count: 2374
New, 2 chapter combined word count: 4860

I'm munching on some vege curry, a grin plastered across my face as I scroll down the word document. I've instructed the program to show deleted words in red (crossed out), new words in blue, original in black. There's an awful lot of blue - over 3 pages worth! It's satisfying to see the progress I've made so far. Yay! Kinda spurring me forward.

Now, just got to add the new POV. Which for now will have a short chapter of its own. Chapter lengths will be longer as time goes on. But now, before I write it in, I plan on it being short (for suspense value). The character might have other ideas.

UPDATE: I haven't written the POV - decided to post the chapters on the *shiny* new Termion queue on CC. It'll go in the ads once my beta-reader has attacked it (so somewhen in August). I just want it up. Must stop smiling madly at the computer screen.

Time for some anime :D


Danyelle said...

Yay for progress! You're doing great, Yuna!

*frog eyes*
Could you teach me how to make Windows colorful for me too?
*very cute frog eyes*

Danyelle said...

Yuna, I have something for you over at myth-takes. :D

lotusgirl said...

congrats. smiling is nice, isn't it?

Yunaleska said...

Remind me later about colour in word 2007 :)

Smiling sure beats frowning.

Hope to write the short chapter 3, and edit original chapter 2 (now chapter 4...)tonight. I must edit at least 1 chapter a day Mon-Fri - can catch up on weekends.