Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Review marathon. over. I've just reviewed 8 or so books. There's a reason why I like reviewing a book straight after I've read it, and not leaving it a few days. Details. I forget them very quickly. Still, not my fault I was waging war on germs.

I have around 20 books to return to the library. Got around 6 left to read.

Got 4 shiny books to review from Penguin! Roll on 8th June when I can choose some more.

That's ignoring the stack of 9 books in my own, personal collection.

So I'm heading the library to dump off the books. Will I resist picking up some more? Yes. Purely because I have other books to read. Although, maybe I could pick up a few...

Writing = a little later on. Need to rest too! Muse is still sleepy, but she *will* be prodded into action. She doesn't get a choice in this.

ETA: Picked up 11 books from the library :) I have an inability to count to 15. I had 4 books out...yet was still convinced that 4 + 14 = 15. The writer's brain certainly is entertaining.

So I've got to read 3 books by Friday so I can pick up the 3 books I had to get put aside. No hardship there!

Found the missing library book :) Turns out I'd picked the 2nd in the trilogy up today! I have good tastes :)

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Danyelle said...

Yes you do. :D

Yay for reading. I enjoyed the marathon. :D