Thursday, 23 April 2009

PWP chapter 7... written! Wrote it before dinner. Rearing to go for number 8, but wanted to read, and now tired so am reverting to anime before bed.

Unexpectedly I didn't carry on with Mina's POV in 7, I went back to Aurora, Sophie's aunt. Totally unexpected, but it worked. 8 will be back with Mina - its an exciting episode in the bio lab!

Tol-Tol's character is developing fast. That cat has attitude (even though he won't be a cat in the next version). Just like his namesake :) I wish his namesake could talk, I'd have the best conversations.

Chapter 8 is scheduled to be written tomorrow, after a trip to the library and some Japanese work.


Windsong said...

Can't wait! Don't you love it when the characters, and the story take on a life of their own?

Yunaleska said...

Totally. MIHM today too. She's going to protest all day until I write. I'll let her loose later on :)