Sunday, 26 April 2009

I had decided who to kill in APWP...

...but I then realised I was thinking of the wrong wip! I thought 'oh!' so and so is a really good one to kill, she'll make it hard for the main protag to continue....but I was thinking of Flower Girl and White Lily. My bad.

Still, this character could die in A Price Worth Paying. She's linked to a secondary character, could make things interesting. Or... - my muse is thinking hard - Yes. There are alternatives.

At least 1 person has to die in every book I write. Because it's fun! And I'm an evil writer that way.

I'm all settled now for an hour and a bit of writing chapter 8. I'm 'plugged in', as my mother says. Final Fantasy Advent Children soundtrack tends to be my writing music. It makes me oblivious to everything else, so I'm currently writing downstairs. Not that I'm usually needed for anything after drying the dishes.

Do you have to kill characters in each novel? Or can't you bear to let them die? Me, I'm finding it quite satisfying having characters die. As some of you know, I adore anime. The latest series I'm watching (I won't give the name out so I don't spoil anything) quite a few of the main cast die by the end. I'm 2 episodes away, so a few more could still die. I used to hate characters dying, I'd cry my heart out and say it was unfair. Now, well, death is part of life. I still cry my eyes out, but I say 'brilliant writing'. Death changes life so much for the characters involved, it adds great conflict to stories.

Alternatively, if you don't have a character die in each story you write (or read, I guess, although you'd have little say on that as a reader), what is the 1 thing you have to do for each story? Blowing up places? (I know a few of you have to do that! Pyromania rules!) Does there have to be a set ratio of stories with zombies in? Spaceships?

What's your 'thing'?


Lady Glamis said...

I've only killed one character so far... well, one main one. I'm not even sure I should do that. I'm too nice. :S

As far as every novel, I think there's ... hmmm, I don't know. You've read both. What have I done in both?

Windsong said...

You kill at least one person off in every story? %-)

I don't necessarily have kill characters, and I'm not necessarily too nice to let them die, but I don't think I've ever killed-killed anyone. Mara disappears in a golden light, no one dies in Siren's Song, Raldarinth in Moonflower gets turned to stone, and Helen and Peri get turned into birds in Frog Feathers.

What's something that happens in every story? There's always a little bit of romance, a HEA, magic of some sort, and humor.

Captain Hook said...

I don't usually kill people. When I do, it's "off screen".

Yunaleska said...

Looks like I'm more violent and meaner than I thought... oh well!

Turns out in the anime everyone comes back to life... I even thought 1 person died...but it turned out she was just starving. After crying as the main protag cried over this character, I then howled with laughter as her stomach rumbled.

I kill 'on screen'. What kind of person does it make me, I wonder?