Monday, 20 April 2009

Finished chapter 5! It has smush :(

I'm happy to finish it. Not happy that a character is insisting on some smush. It's mild, but oh I don't like it. Awful character. Bad character. Unfortunately, she's not one I dare to argue with at this point in time. Come the rewrite, I'm sure I can figure a way to reduce/eliminate the smush. Except I feel that it may have to stay, once people read it and get back to me on it.


Overall, the story is going well enough for a first draft. So I'm off to read now, before bed :)


Lady Glamis said...

CONGRATS! Especially on the smush. Gotta love smush. And thanks for all your book reviews. :D

Windsong said...

What exactly is smush? I'm feeling like it might be the ooey, gooey kissing stuff, but I'm not sure.

Good job on finishing chapter five!

Yunaleska said...

You're along the right lines Dani :)

Good news...the book I'm currently reading from the library will be read from cover to cover!

Although that's on hold because I need to read all 2 books by Lisa before the 3rd arrives on my step at the end of the month :)