Sunday, 29 March 2009

Book review #3 Any book by Tamora Pierce

I love them all :) Just finished Protector of the Small series. Ahhh adore these. Definitely will collect them in French. I can escape and have fun with these. Well, I can with every book. But I really want to be a knight.

They actually remind me a lot the Valdemar series. I like it when you follow a protag in a school type environment, where they learn something, grow, rebel, make friends - it's all good! Would love to write a series which incorporates all these things. *thinks on wips* I'm sure one of them fits the bill, sort of. :)

Yuna style crit: mostly female protags. Strong willed. They do make mistakes, they do have fears, but people love them all the same. I love them :) Magic involved here. Low smush levels. Lots of fighting, but lots of very ordinary events too. Quite a bit of death in some of the books - so get tissues at the ready! I cry at a lot of things. Thoroughly recommend these books


Windsong said...

Nice. I like how Pierce shows that K(?) has to work at becoming a knight--weights and all that. It makes it feel much more real.

Yunaleska said...

Kel (Keladry) yup! It's not a piece of cake. I like how Alanna sends her gifts to help Kel out.

Windsong said...

Yeah. :) It's always good to have a great mentor.