Monday, 16 March 2009

Book review #2 Iron Surprise, Charles Stross

No, I haven't multiplied my reading speed by 10. Unfortunately this book has hit the 'not to be read' pile.

It's sci-fi, which I like. But...I'm not into heavily deatiled sci-fi. I had no interest in the chapters about the destruction of a planet and star. I enjoyed the characters of Wednesday and Rachel, but I just couldn't keep reading. The idea of sentient police dogs had me in giggles. Yes, I realise my own wips have animals that talk but they are spirits, not real dogs, and there is a context for it. I like animals who are sentient - here it just made me laugh.

Good characterization, definitely medium paced as far as action is concerned, huge amount of imagination in this book, but a bit too much science for me to handle. I didn't make it to page 50.

I'm just very particular about what I like :)


Lady Glamis said...

Great reviews, Yuna! Thanks for sharing!

Yunaleska said...

You're welcome? Haven't heard anyone this enthusiastic about a not so favourable review!

Windsong said...

I feel the same way about SF. :)

Yunaleska said...

:) I like some SF, just not the ones where I read paragraphs and only understand the little words, like 'the' and 'it'. What I term as 'light' SF.

Anonymous said...

I am suddenly very grateful you like my stories. I actually wanted to ask, do you have facebook? I kinda want to add all my CC friends.