Saturday, 17 January 2009

Why time off from writing is important

I actually think Lisa Shearin covered this on her blog a few posts ago....but I'm saying what I feel.

I usually have Saturday as my day of writing. Even if, like this week, I haven't written for 4 days or so. Why? Because I need the break.

My muse still works away. She devours the books I read/games I play, and dictates what she wants to happen next in my wips.

Why take time out? Why not work all hours of the day to get my work finished? Because, I write about life experiences. I need to experience that in order to write about it. Plus, this is me. If i'm not careful about how much R&R (the original meaning needs to be used here) I receive, I can get sick (simple version), which means 0 writing for longer. However much fun I see it, anything active (writing, working on anything which involves moving) uses energy which I use up far quicker than my enthusiasm.

So, since Saturday I have an appointment every morning, after which my brain is a little fried, I relax for the rest of the day.

Do you have a day off from writing?


Lady Glamis said...

Nope, no day off. But I should. I really, really should...

and it should be Sunday.

*strongly considers this*

Thanks for the great post, Yuna!

lotusgirl said...

Yep. I take Sunday off from writing. I didn't used to when I was just doing it for "fun." Now that is more along the lines of "work," I thought it best to take Sunday off. I agree that the break is important for our brains, etc.

Captain Hook said...

I try to take from Saturday afternoon until Sunday night off to be with my kids. And sometimes I take time off during the week too, either due to RL hecticness or just lack of desire.

Lately I've just been focusing on getting my life together before I focus too intensely on writing.