Tuesday, 13 January 2009

No writing in 48 hours!!! *glares at head*

I'm not the happiest of bunnies.

Yesterday, I had a horrid headache. Light made things worse. So after work, I came back, and devoured 1.5 books with a table light.

Today, headache is gone. Yay! But head feels too heavy and wants to fall off. I didn't even think twice about calling in sick.

So I've finished another .5 of a book :) Watched a programmed I'd taped, now on the net. Head not right...but hoping 1 day of rest will help.

Probably won't get writing done if I feel better tomorrow - I've got 2 and a bit chapters left of Japanese to review before thursday, then I'm out for dinner for a family birthday. So maybe writing Thursday! I'll be rearing to go by the time I do get back to my wips. I miss it, but I've learnt from the past that when I feel like this, to rest completely as soon as I can.

The bonus side is that I'm reading a lot! Reminding myself why I'm pushing myself as a writer in the search for publication. Stories bring great happiness and hope to people.


Captain Hook said...

Rest, relax and feel better, Yuna (by that I mean 100%). The writing will still be there when you're healthy.

lotusgirl said...

Once you're better the writing will come. Take it easy. You'll get better faster.

Yunaleska said...

I am resting :) I'm reading!
*runs off to get book from sofa*

See? Book! Reading. Almost :) lol.

Lady Glamis said...

Yuna, it's good to rest. So rest!

I can't write when I'm tired and stressed. And definitely not when I have a headache.

Good luck feeling better!


Yunaleska said...

Coming on in leaps and bounds...

Finished another book! Whoohoo! On a roll :) Starting another. But brain waking up, so might have to watch some anime later. It makes me laugh, and I'm on one which I can't necessarily understand that much Japanese because its techincal and people speak so fast!

Yunaleska said...

Feeling much better thank you.