Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Imperial Intrigue plot fixed!

2.3k later....I have a rough plot for II. The revised version. I've got most of it down - the last part of the wip is hazy, but my muse doesn't like putting the dots down on paper.

Lei was sweet and checked it over for me, making great suggestions, so now I can start it. Got a small stack of Japanese homework to do today, then I can write. Will let you know how my new process of writing goes.

I'm excited about II, not just because its a new revision, but because of the new content. Although some of the ideas are new, I don't have to worry too much about learning what the characters are like, because I got acquainted in the last version. Thankfully the Emperor does come across as evil in the plot outline, so I should be able to make him evil in the chapters. I was debating having the FMC's younger brother be the 2nd POV (yes, big cut down from 5 POVs....), but a new, Imperial character announced herself to me. Xeryas isn't someone you say no to.


Captain Hook said...

I really can't wait to read the revised version!!! Hurry and post.

Yunaleska said...

Will post as I write. Be patient!

Lady Glamis said...

Sarah's excited! Wooohoo! Good job, Yuna.

Yunaleska said...

Why...is it hard to please Sarah in a novel?